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Rich and Wendy Johnson, owners of Lunch Box Express
Rich & Wendy Johnson, Owners

Our History

Lunch Box Express opened in April 2007, serving quality deli-style box lunch caterings and buffet style caterings. The business now serves many thousands of catered events a year, ranging in size from just a few to over 7,000 in one sitting. While corporate boxed lunches and deli buffets are the primary business, Lunch Box Express also serves large fundraising events, breakfast caterings, and hot catered lunch buffets all over the Greater Sacramento Area and Northern California.

Meet the Lunch Box Express Staff

Our friendly and reliable staff at Lunch Box Express is here to serve your needs and make you, and your event, as successful as possible!  We’re here to answer any questions and to guide the catering ordering process to get exactly what you need.

Charla Lipston | Executive Liaison

 Charla is our newest team member. Specializing in client care, she takes catering service to new heights with minimal stress. Connecting the dots between client needs and wants is one of her strengths, and providing solutions (not sacrifices) is her pleasure.
916-470-5133 Direct
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Alex Hiebert | Sales Project Manager

Alex has worked in many positions at Lunch Box Express and now serves as the company’s Sales Project Manager. She works to increase the company’s client base, creates custom orders, and helps maintain organization of the sales department.
916-628-3636 Direct
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Theresa Martin | Catering Coordinator

Theresa is our school specialist. As a PTO/PTA president and board member for over 20 years, Theresa has planned and coordinated school events of all types. Theresa originally worked with Rich’s Ice Cream as a parent coordinator, and joined the Rich’s team in 2014. Theresa knows what is important for schools. Give her a call!
916-532-7827 Direct
Courtney, Office Manager of Lunch Box Express

Courtney Simon | Office Manager

Courtney has been with the company since 2011. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the back office including bookkeeping, payment processing, taking your phone calls and placing orders.
 916-442-7106 Office
Lunch Box Express Staff - Rich

Rich Johnson | Owner

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916-351-0748 Ice Cream Catering
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